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Nov 14, 2016
Robert Tully, Exxon Mobil's Gulf Coast Growth Venture Executive addressed members at the VEDC Annual meeting indicating the economic outlook for the petrochemical industry is strong and Victoria remains high on the list of sites being considered for a new multibillion-dollar petrochemical facility.
Jul 27, 2016
Exxon Mobil and SABIC, which have partnered for more than three decades in Saudi Arabia, are looking in Victoria as well as the Corpus Christi area, specifically San Patricio County, Exxon spokeswoman Margaret Ross said.

Golden Crescent Workforce Area Employment Figures

Golden Crescent Employment by County - March 2017
Victoria County
Labor Force 43,493
Employment 41,056
Unemployment 2,437
Rate 5.6%
Calhoun County
Labor Force 10,713
Employment 10,002
Unemployment 711
Rate 6.6%
Dewitt County
Labor Force 9,151
Employment 8,592
Unemployment 559
Rate 6.1%
Goliad County
Labor Force 3,329
Employment 3,123
Unemployment 206
Rate 6.2%
Gonzales County
Labor Force 9,603
Employment 9,201
Unemployment 402
Rate  4.2%
Jackson County
Labor Force 7,235
Employment 6,873
Unemployment 362
Rate  5.0%
Lavaca County
Labor Force 8,602
Employment 8,226
Unemployment 376
Rate  4.4%